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Walk-In Tubs Selection Guide

Whether you are planning to age in place, need greater accessibility for a mobility issue, or simply want a more luxurious bath experience, a walk-in tub is an ideal solution. This specialized type of tub features built-in seating and a deep base for long, comfortable soaks. 

The low threshold and easy-to-use door also makes it an excellent solution for residents who are aging or have limited mobility. If you are interested in installing a walk-in tub, WalkInTubs.Com is here to help. 

Our remodelers have handled countless walk-in tub installations and replacements throughout the community since we first opened in 2006. 

We will help you customize the perfect tub for your needs and oversee a flawless installation. To see some of our past projects, feel free to take a look at our curated gallery page. And for any questions you have, please direct them to our talented staff at 833-928-5135.

Who Are Walk-In Tubs For?

Walk-in tubs are great for people of all ages, but they have specific benefits for aging homeowners. The low threshold makes it easy to step into and out of and the built-in seating allows the bather to remain comfortably seated during the bath. Plus, features like whirlpool jets can soothe aching muscles and joints. 

These benefits make walk-in baths part of an essential therapeutic routine for people suffering from arthritis, joint pain, and circulatory conditions. Hydrotherapy is also helpful for people with diabetes because it can help boost blood flow into skeletal muscles. 

Wondering if a walk-in tub is a right option for you? Give our team a call at 833-928-5135 and we would be happy to provide you with our professional recommendation! 

Options for Your New Walk-in Tub

At WalkInTubs.Com, we believe a bathtub should be as unique as the person using it. That is why we offer an extensive array of options and materials. 

  • Materials: Most walk-in tubs are made of a sturdy combination of either gelcoat or acrylic surrounding a fiberglass mold. These materials are known to be durable, anti-microbial, and easy to clean. The base is textured to reduce the occurrence of slips and falls. 
  • Size: Walk-in tubs are available in a range of sizes, from small units for one adult to larger units the size of a traditional bathtub. One key feature that all walk-in baths share is depth: they are deep enough to accommodate a person sitting down with a water level that reaches roughly around the shoulders. 
  • Features: Walk-in baths are customizable and residents can choose to embellish them with features like whirlpool jets and grab bars. Some models even have options for built-in chromotherapy (light therapy) and aromatherapy! 

WalkInTubs.Com Is Your Walk-In Tub Installer

WalkInTubs.Com is standing by and ready to help you make your next walk-in tub installation a success. Between our seasoned installers and our stellar product lineup, we are sure you will be thrilled with your new tub. 

We offer free consultations and price estimates for walk-in tub installations nationwide. To schedule yours, please call us today at 833-928-5135 or submit the contact form on our website. We are excited to team up with you on your bathroom remodel!

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